Unlock Micromax A84 without Password / Pattern Lock

Want to Unlock Micromax A84 without a password or pattern lock? You are in right place. Here we are going to learn how to Unlock Micromax A84 when you forgot your password or Pattern Lock.

Unlock Micromax A84
Name Micromax A84
Single VGA
Colors Black
Technology GSM / HSPA
Dimensions 125 x 65 x 10.6 mm (4.92 x 2.56 x 0.42 in)
Announced 2012, August. Released 2012, August
Status Discontinued

It is extremely tough to spend even a few hours without a Smartphone. Therefore, it can be quite frustrating if your Micromax A84 is locked and you can’t recall the password. You can unlock it if you try the right method.

The following 6 methods will help you in unlocking your Micromax A84 within a few minutes. Let’s check them out:

METHOD 1: Unlock Micromax A84 with Crashing the Lock Screen Method

Although it is not the most popular solution, it allows you to bypass the locked screen to access important features. You should try this method on your Micromax A84 device.

Step 1: Click on the power button and tap on the emergency option

tap on the emergency option

Step 2: Type asterisks “*” ten times on the dialer.

Type asterisks

Step 3: Now, copy those asterisks and paste them on the dialer time and again until your device stops giving the paste option.

copy those asterisks

Step 4: Go back to the locked screen and then tap on the Camera icon and then select the settings option.

tap on the Camera icon

Step 5: Your phone will ask you to provide the password, but repeat the same steps.

provide the password

Step 6: Keep repeating and that lock screen will crash. Thus, you can access the phone with all the apps installed.

android home button

This method is simple, but it on Micromax A84 smartphone. You can set a new lock to safeguard the data again.

METHOD 2: Unlock Micromax A84 with ADB Tool Method

This method works only if you are using Android 4.0 or a later version. Besides, USB debugging should be enabled on your Micromax A84 to make this method work. Now, let’s check how this works.

Step 1: Get the ADB software installed on your PC and recharge your phone. Get a USB cable and you are all set to go!

ADB software

Step 2: Link the locked Micromax A84 to your PC through the USB cable.

usb port

Step 3: Open the Command Prompt on your PC.

Command Prompt

Step 4: Type “adb shell” in the command prompt and it should display “#” instead of “$”. If you do not get the required result, type su so that you can switch to the root user.

cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=‘lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;



adb reboot

“adb shell” in the command prompt

Step 5: Let your Micromax A84 reboot and then type the following commands in the command prompt:

adb shell

It should show “#” instead of “$”. If not, you should tpe su to switch to the root user.

rm /data/system/gesture.key


adb reboot

phone reboot

Step 6: Now, your phone will reboot. It will seek an unlock pattern to offer access. You can use any pattern to unlock the device.

unlocked phone

We recommend you change the unlock password once your device is unlocked.

METHOD 3: Unlock Micromax A84 with Safe Mode Method

You should try this method only if you are using a third-party app to protect the data. It won’t help you in bypassing the stock Android lock!

Step 1: Press the power button.

Press the power button

Step 2: Now, press and hold the power button for a while. Your phone will ask whether you want to reboot the device in the “Safe Mode” or not. Press the “Ok” button to move ahead.

Safe Mode

Step 3: Your phone will restart now and you will get access to system apps now. Go to the downloaded apps and uninstall the third-party lock application from your phone.

phone restarting

Step 4: Restart your phone and you should easily access the device with all the features.

phone unlocking

METHOD 4: Unlock Micromax A84 with Android Device Manager Method

Android Device Manager or ADM should be enabled on your Android phone if you want to try this method. Try the following steps:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your laptop and then go to Google.com/android/devicemanager

web browser

Step 2: Use the same Google account you have used on your Smartphone to log in and access the ADM services.

Google account

Step 3: Now, you can see three options on the Google Find My Device platform. Select the “Secure Device” option and then pick the “Lock” option.

pick the “Lock” option

Step 4: Provide a temporary password and then click the “Lock” option again.

Provide a temporary password

Step 5: Enter a temporary password and click on “Lock” again.

click on Lock

Step 6: Click the power button on your phone and then enter the temporary password to unlock it.

enter the temporary password

Your Smartphone is unlocked now and you set a secure lock to protect the device.

METHOD 5: Unlock Micromax A84 with Custom Recovery Method

It is a complicated method and you might also find it a bit time-consuming. Let’s explore how it works!

Step 1: Turn off Micromax A84.

Turn off the Smartphone.

Step 2: Now find the combination of buttons required to boot your device into custom recovery mode. It will be the power button and volume up or down button.

power button and volume up or down button.

Step 3: A few options will pop up on your screen. So, pick the “Mount” option.

pick the “Mount” option.

Step 4: Now, get to the main menu and tap on the “install” option. (It will work if you have downloaded the Aroma File Manager otherwise you should try another method).

tap on the “install” option

Step 5: Install the Aroma File Manager on your mobile phone. Go to this file manager and then tap on the “data” option.

tap on the “data” option.

Step 6: Now, navigate to the System folder and scroll down to files with “gatekeeper, lockscreen, or locksettings” names. Select all such files and delete them.

“gatekeeper, lockscreen, or locksettings” names. Select all such files

Step 7: Now, pick the Reboot option to restart your phone.

pick the Reboot option

You have successfully unlocked Micromax A84 and you should be able to access all the apps and data.

METHOD 6: Unlock Micromax A84 with Google Recovery Method

It is probably the simplest way to unlock an Android phone without a password. The method is as follows:

Step 1: Draw the wrong pattern or enter a wrong password time and again until you spot the “Forgot Password” option.

Draw the wrong pattern or enter a wrong password

Step 2: Now, provide your email ID and then enter the password. Tap on the sign-in button and proceed ahead.

provide your email ID

Step 3: Google will make sure the provided email ID and password are correct. It will shortly offer an option to set a new password to lock Micromax A84. Lock the device and then use the same password to unlock it.

set a new password to lock the device

Your Micromax A84 should have internet connectivity if you want to try this method! If the mobile data is turned off, make a call on the locked phone, access the notification panel, and turn on the internet.

We hope you have now unlocked your Micromax A84 device successfully. The methods are very easy to follow with the given screenshots. But if you still face any problems, comment down below and we will fix them.

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